16 February 2013

Where Have I Been

It's been a while, and I almost forgot how to write a post. My blog has taken a back seat to other endeavors over the past few months, one involving gardening. I was recruited last Fall to be the Vice President of Training for our county Master Gardener organization. It is the middle of our training cycle, so time has been spent administering the weekly training programs and attending board meetings. On top of it all, there is a chance of a job change - a big change.

I really miss gardening, and run out of steam at the end of each day. It is February and I hope the seeds can wait or learn to start themselves. Three seed catalogs are on the coffee table screaming to be opened. So this blog post will serve two purposes - to get me to open those catalogs and open the blog to write about them.

Seeds seem to be getting more expensive every year. The Coupon Scoop has a few specials when ordering online for Burpee that I must take advantage of. Their seeds are more expensive than Park, and their selection is worse.

This is what entices me for 2013 season - new picks and why I am interested:

Merlot Pepper
A blocky bell pepper described as sweet, with a reddish purple color. I always grow Karma, and have tried a lot of peppers and posted the results on this blog. This one sounds like something I would like, for the color. Park Seed

Pinca Zinnia
A double flowered spider zinnia that, according to the catalog (which of course we always believe...) starts out lime-green and ends up rosy pink. I never grew spider zinnias, nor ones that change color. Park Seed

Tendersnax Hybrid Carrots
"The sweetest juiciest carrot." Sounds like an orange, doesn't it? I have had terrible luck with carrots due to the clay soil here, the borers or worms that eat through them, and the fact that something eats the seedlings before they ever have a chance. I look forward to trying again with a different variety ... and maybe lots o' chemicals. Stokes Seeds

Valentino Bush Beans
I grew green beans for the first time last year with free seeds from the Seed Exchange I attended. I see beans in my future again, and a farmer's market vendor recommended her favorite, Valentino. I wrote about Contender last year, which were good. Stokes Seeds

Marigolds conjure up memories of my first trials and tribulations as a gardener, so I avoid them. I am considering the Tiger Eyes minis or some white marigolds from Burpee. Unfortunately, Burpee only sells the bigger size marigolds in white, and I want something smaller.

Supersweet 100 Cherry Tomatos
I grew Sweet 100 for the past two years. Early blight loved them. This variety claims better resistance. Park Seed

Princess Jade Ornamental Millet
A hybrid that caught my eye because of the cool looking seed heads. Fragrant dark brown plumes, according to the catalog. Fragrant millet? This I've got to try. Burpee Seeds