15 May 2014

May 2014 Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day
What's blooming in the garden on the 15th of the month.

A few blooms, as that is all I have -- few blooms, unless someone wants to see green beans blooming.
First a gaggle of iris, and a matching gaggle of coreopsis. I just found the name (I think) of this purple one. See the previous post.

Iris germanica 'Fantasy land'
Coreopsis auriculata 'Nana'

Ready for their closeups, the geraniums really came on strong this year. They look great close up, but until this year, were too sparse and got lost in the garden. Dutch iris are just beginning.

Iris hollandica 'Discovery'
Geranium macrorrhizum 'Bevan's variety'

Staking the stalks on Invitation iris. I wish they could stand on their own two feet (or one.) Camassia is a first for me this year.

Iris germanica 'Invitation'
Camassia leichtlinii spp. leichtlinii

Rhododendrons also took off this year. I think they heard me talking about trimming them back, and responded. "Don't cut me back, bro. I promise to do better next year."

Rhododendron 'roseum elegans'

And a final composition with the Walmart iris ('Clarence') and the geranium on the side yard.

You can find other garden bloggers' May bloom days at the blog May Dreams Gardens.


CommonWeeder said...
Camassia is a really interesting flower. It's always fun to add something new.
Pauline said...
I think all your Iris are absolutely stunning, especially your first one!
You have some beautiful flowers giving you lots of colour, they all look so pretty.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.
Dorothy Borders said...
Oh, my, those irises are gorgeous! I am green with envy.
Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...
You have lots of blooms and your Iris are beautiful! Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed my visit to your gardens!
Anonymous said...
Amazing where we find the prettiest additions to the garden! My garden is a bit behind yours, so this look at the future is very exciting! Lovely iris!
Daniela Gardenerswithkids said...
Never give Camassia humus soil or you will loose the blooms like I did for the past 8 years! I remember these blooming reliably in clay but once I improved the soil and shifted to part shade it was over!
Fun blog!
HELENE said...
I love iris, but haven’t got any hollandica as my garden is quite shady so they won’t really like it here. Thanks for sharing yours!
Swimray said...
I agree and am always on the prowl for something new each year.

Pauline, Dorothy, Lee, g4t,
Thank you. I didn't realize I had so many iris until I put them together for this post!

I love that iris, but I wish it multiplied more readily.
Swimray said...
I got the clay soil covered! I think they need more sun though.
HÃ¥kan Gidestrand said...
just Lovely :)
and do not miss


it is FUN :)
The Roseman
Angie said...
Gorgeous Iris - plenty of colour in your May garden. I enjoyed seeing around your plot.
Swimray said...
Thanks for the compliment and for stopping in.
Jean said...
Lovely iris and geranium combo. I'm with you - having to stake iris is a pain and I really wish I didn't have to do that. I'm wondering if the amount of sun would make a difference. I never staked them when I gardened in Texas but now they're under tall trees (though they get some direct sun). Then again, could be just the variety.
Kris Peterson said...
Your Iris in this and the prior post are stunning, Ray. I especially like 'Frank Adams.' Perhaps due to a lack of winter rain and stingy irrigation on my part, mine have made only limited appearances this year, which is disappointing.
Swimray said...
The combo was an accident, as I never plan things that way. Ya know, maybe the staking is needed because of both the variety and the fact that these are in partial shade.

Thanks! Frank Adams was something I picked up at our neighborhood plant swap a few years back.
Northern Shade said...
I particularly like your iris 'Fantasy Land'. Iris with dark blue or purple falls and light coloured standards are my favourite.

Geraniums are great for cuddling up to taller plants, and your's make a good combo with Clarence. I like the way they knit the garden together, but I've had to pull out some of the taller, floppier ones.