24 January 2015

In Between

Here am I between two storms. A rain-sleet-snow-freezing rain "event" happened overnight and snow is predicted for tomorrow night. We are also between the seasons; at a midpoint with the light at the end of the winter tunnel. Next stop on the bus: spring.

The signs are there. Some things in the garden are beginning to stir. And next Saturday is the annual Washington Gardener Magazine Seed Exchange in Virginia. Coming home afterwards with a bucket full of new seeds to try out gets the gardening juices going again.

A trip around the yard found some heads poking out. No sign of the crocus though.

Daffodils need not be afraid.

This tangled muscari mess actually started coming up in November. Does muscari need dividing? The hairy bittercress beyond is doing nicely.

Dutch iris always starts in the fall, unless you plant the bulbs in the fall - then they start late. I see the spiny sowthistle is also getting a jump on the season.

The incredible spreadable rose campion. Started with two plants, but now it is traveling down the hillside. Invasive is my middle name. The blue fescue is enjoying the weather.

Miniature iris planted first time this fall. I can't remember what they are, but think they were dual color. There is a story about that white marker:

I hosted our neighborhood plant swap last May, and one of the neighbors brought some cut up vinyl blind slats to use as plant labels. They work well. Until then, I used popsicle sticks that would compost into the soil. But the titles washed off these over winter, and they degrade before they are supposed to. This one is holding up.