11 February 2018

Dallas Redux

An annual fall convention took me to Dallas this past year for a second time. I was there for a visit in 2010 when my convention was held there that year. I needed to satisfy my botanic garden thirst one day on my recent visit before the convention started, so I hopped on a long boring bus ride out from the downtown hotel and spent time at the Dallas Arboretum.

This botanical garden is one of my favorites, filled with interesting things and things that I like to see. Enjoy my photo log of the latest visit.
No this was not Jurassic Park, but there was Alocasia everywhere. Love it.

Are they started indoors in a prior year?

Alocasia, coleus, and crape myrtle.

Coleus like a hedge.

Coleus "Red Head' as a hedge, again with marigolds and colocasia 'Coffee Cups'.

Orange coleus and dark colocasia.

It was a relatively hot day, and the cool shade under some old impressive trees was appreciated.

Water helped provide cooling relief in several places.

Dallas is designated as a test garden for All-American Selections, a non-profit that tests, evaluates, and recommends herbaceous and edibles every year.

Everette DeGolyer was a wealthy oilman and philanthropist whose mansion and estate serve as the beginnings of the botanical garden. No photos of the interior of the house.

And last, the old crape myrtle allee.