17 July 2019

But Hey, It's Free

Sandy from Sandy's Plants spoke about herbaceous plants at one of our winter Master Gardener evening classes two years ago. Sandy runs a "rare and unusual" nursery nearby, growing most of the inventory by herself and staff. The herbaceous plant classes are quite popular, and Sandy was about to make it even more so. She brought in free plants - enough for everyone in the class.

I avoided the class stampede. Since I was a board member at that time, I graciously waited for most others in the room to pick out something. What was left for me was a daylily. Nothing had labels including this one. My plant had some root stock and a handful of leaves. I planted my mystery dayllily.

This is what came up and bloomed. I know it's a tetraploid from the thick short stems and stocky flowers and buds. It blooms pretty much again and again after its initial explosion, which no other daylilies I have do.

I might like to know the name of my new daylily, but am content to just admire it. Mystery forever.


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