20 July 2008

New Blood

A year ago, crocosmia Emily McKenzie bulbs were ordered and planted, but were ripped up and thrown out in act of frustration after blooming. Emily was a dud that didn't earn her keep. It was sad to throw out a plant. The story is conveyed in an older post. This year, Crocosmia Lucifer was purchased from a local nursery and planted in mid spring. There were actually two plants in the pot. How often does that happen when purchasing the last one? After just three months, one plant is rewarding the garden with two stems of red flowers.

The plants and flowers are larger than the crocosmia plant of last year, and the deep red color cannot be accurately shown in a photo. It is a rich, pure, blood red. The flowers are not large or numerous, but command attention because of their color - especially when contrasted with the white dragonflowers nearby. The sturdy flower stems are arching about 24 inches (60 cm) above the ground, with a row of 1-inch (3 cm) flowers on each. Both are doing well in the humid mid-summer heat. Based on information about crocosmia, I have high expectations for this plant in years to come.

For The Record:
  • Medium drained soil
  • Full sun
  • No fertilizer

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: purple & silver salvia, nicotiana, monarda, cosmos, sunflowers, zinnias, loosestrife,
   crocosmia, phlox, dragon flower, coneflower, hosta