15 May 2009

So That's What They Look Like

Last summer, my landscape architect friends gave me some bearded iris (Iris germanica) that I planted in the rear yard. They could not tell me what color or size they were. The leaves were somewhat narrow, so I believed they were a small size flower. The iris took to their new home well, and this spring came up with a large wide bearded iris leaves and several flower stalks.

After searching online iris descriptions, I found a match - these were Invitation. I shared my discovery with the friends, who informed my that they were happy to have given them away - bi color iris are not their favorites.

The Invitation iris are tall and have the largest blossom heads of any iris in the yard. Consequently, they fell over after the slightest rain, and needed to be placed on crutches. They also multiplied very easily after planting last summer, so dividing will probably be needed this year. I believe our fall plant swap already has some material.

For The Record:
  • Dry clay soil
  • Full sun
  • Bone meal fertilizer in the fall with gypsum for the clay soil

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: allium, purple salvia, dutch iris
  • Tomato seedlings planted, nasturtium seeds planted