15 August 2009

August 2009 Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day
What's blooming in the garden on the 15th of the month

Blooming in addition to the photos:
Nasturtium, Nicotiana, Alyssum, Cosmos, Snapdragon, Canna, Spiderwort, Castor, Basil

Mexican ZinniaDwarf Sunflower Incredible

Cleome Lavender SparklerZinnia Violet Queen


J.C. said...
Have you had any luck with dahlias in the northern virginia area? I get some blooms, but nothing like my sister's in the Connecticut countryside.

Just starting to blog myself: http://gardening-wars.blogspot.com/

Love your blog--great stuff. --JC
Swimray said...
Thanks for the compliment.
I grew dahlias once a long time ago when I started gardening and found something liked easting them at night. My landscape architect friends and neighbors grow them with ease, however.