24 January 2011


On January 18, a misty rain began after sundown and slowly continued through the night. By morning, a glistening coat of ice christened the garden and yard. While waiting for the car to thaw out in order to leave for work, I grabbed the camera and took some shots in the front yard.

The white forsythia buds (Abeliophyllum distichum) were still snug in their wrappings and undamaged awaiting spring. A closeup of blades on the front lawn provides evidence that crackling and crunching sounds on grass were made while walking. I believe the light foggy mist that fell created the ice.


Jan@Thanks for today. said...
We had severe freezing rain here in my area of northern Virginia...nothing light or misty. It wasn't sleet...but the rain froze as soon as it hit the ground, roads, sidewalks, lawns, gardens, plants, etc. Schools were closed and it was beautiful. My post was similarly named, "Now That's an 'Ice Picture".
Janet said...
You and Jan were on the same wave length with this post! Glad we didn't get that ice! What a hazard for both you and your plants.
flwrjane said...
I was so freaked out by the ice I didn't even go into work till 10;30, and I shot no pictures. But my euronynmous looked beautiful in it's coat of ice.

Hope that's the end of that!

You have a white forsythia?