26 March 2011

Overwintered and Underwhelmed

As stated previously, a few annual plants are overwintered on a window sill and given a new life in spring. This is the second winter I tried this, and hoped to improve on last year by using larger pots and taking more cuttings. So far, the results are mixed. I am not convinced the additional effort was worth the results.

Coleus Dark Chocolate (Solenostemon scutellarioides)
In winter 2009, one cutting was made. It rooted in water and was planted in a small cup. In spring, after almost no growth over winter, it was planted outdoors. It grew last summer, but never reached the original size it was when purchased. Last fall a few more cuttings were taken. All but one died off. The survivor was potted and a second cutting was taken from it last month. The plants are no different than last year's at this stage, although there are two.

Coleus Kong Red (Solenostemon scutellarioides)
My other coleus had similar results during its first winter. Although both cuttings survived, they stayed small during winter and did not grow much during the summer. This winter, three cuttings were taken and potted. A fourth was started from one of these midway through winter. All are doing well. Plants in the larger pots are larger than last year's overwinters, so the pots made a difference here.

Pesian Sheld (Strobilanthes dyerianus)
Two years ago, two cuttings rooted and survived the winter in their small pots. When planted outdoors, they grew well into respectable plants. This year, five cuttings were taken. Two were placed in larger pots than the others, but all appear to be the same size at the moment. Apparently, size (of the pot) doesn't matter.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)
This plant was picked up at the end of summer sale at a local nursery, and has stayed in its pot during winter. It has prospered indoors, doubling its size and looking forward to a season of outdoor growing.


Janet said...
Sounds like the summer growth of the coleus didn't amount to much after babying them over the winter. Interesting study.
Janet said...
I love the ides of "drooling" especially over plants. Informative site.
Janet said...
Great bird song. Made me smile
Swimray said...
Queen Janet - wait until this year. I am hoping for a big coleus comeback.

UK Janet - thank you for the comments. I strive to inform. There are 10 bird songs in the blog - randomly played.
J.C. said...
I've tried this a few times, and like you, am just not sure it's worth it. I finally ditched a kumquat tree that never bloomed nor bore fruit. It killed me to do so, but why hang onto something that doesn't really succeed?