18 April 2011

Two Spring Favorites

Although these two spring bloomers have been highlighted in previous posts, I include a few additional notes about them this year. The Narcissus poeticus or poet daffodils were first planted for spring 2007 [8.4.2007]. These bloom a bit later than others, and have a distinct fragrance. And they have easily multiplied in the garden. Here are a few more tidbits about them:
  • Poet's Daffodils are cultivated in Holland and southern France for their narcissus oil, one of the most popular fragrances used in perfumes. Narcissus oil is used as a principal ingredient in 11% of modern quality perfumes, resembling a combination of jasmine and hyacinth.
  • The fragrant Narcissus poeticus has also been recognized as the flower that Persephone and her companions were gathering when Hades abducted her into the Underworld. This myth accounts for the custom, lasting today, of decorating graves with these flowers.
  • While all narcissi are poisonous when eaten, Poet's Daffodil is more dangerous than others, acting as a strong emetic and irritant
The Beauty of Apeldoorn tulip [24.4.2009] is a Darwin hybrid. Nothing seems to represent warm spring like red and yellow tulips. I prefer those that have some interest (such as this two-tone color scheme with black base) over solid color tulips.

New bulbs were planted last fall along side those left in from previous years. This spring, the new bulbs produced larger flowers, but they bloomed later than those left in the ground from previous years. And of course, not all of the old bulbs produced flowers. Planting new bulbs mixed in with the existing ones may be a way to extend the bloom time of a tulip bed. (As long as you don't accidentally slice and dice the old bulbs left in the ground when planting the new ones, like I seem to do.)

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: grape hyacinth, poet daffodils, peony & Darwin tulips,
   snowflakes, ajuga


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
I will have to read more about where to get these Poet Daffs.... I love it when a plant is fragrant.
I planted some Apeldorn tulips this year....kind of late in the season. They are just starting to bloom.
J.C. said...
I just LOVE orange. Those tulips are fantastic.
Comeca Jones said...