14 October 2011

And It Goes With...

I am not known as a gardener that plans to match colors in blooms. For the first time this year, however, I began actually thinking about colors of adjacent plants. I believe it started last year when I noticed some green hostas with lime green trim ended up next to a yellow hosta, slightly greenish oak leaf hydrangea blooms, and a lime green coleus - purely accidental.

This year I planted that lime green coleus with dark maroon spots near some maroon heuchera, and planted purple zinnia mixed in with yellow zinnia. I had a vision of the results, although the visions did not quite turn out.

First, the purple zinnias did not germinate as well as the yellow. Second, the purples were a bit taller. If you are looking for pictures, you are out of luck. Third, my vision was blown away with hurricane Irene.

I do, however, have a few unplanned shows of purple - yellow combinations in the garden. First, those canary yellow zinnias were not blown over in the front garden, and ended up putting on a show. They contrast with the purple New England asters. The asters are about past their prime today, but the zinnias go on.

In the same garden, the cooler-loving purple May Night salvia has sprung back to life as it usually does after a hot summer. At its feet, the self-seeding, late maturing Mexican zinnias are now exploding in a riot of yellow. Both are coming into prime at the same time.

So even though the planted color combinations failed to materialize this year, the unplanned ones were just as spectacular as those in my vision.

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: pink cosmos, mexican zinnia, salvia, zinnia, acidanthra
  • 2-week harvested: 10 Anaheim pepper, 2 tomatoes


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
I love the combination of yellows and purples...(go JMU!) and know how hurricanes can make you start over again.
NellJean said...
You asked about the age of my Muhly grass. There are 5 clumps about 30" apart and this is their second fall. Next spring I will dig and divide the two clumps toward the inside of the bed. They grow in loamy sand.

Purple, yellow and chartreuse are my fav combos too.
Swimray said...
Fortunately the hurricane only affected the annuals.

Loamy sand sounds wonderful. (Sigh.)
Landbohaven said...
Smukke blomster. Skønne farver.
Tak for kigget.
Swimray said...
Landbohaven ,
Tak for besøgende.