19 December 2011

Iris Rerun

This is just a quick post to keep the blog going until the next post. Winter does not have a lot going on for me that hasn't been mentioned before. One exception is yet another post about Clarence the bearded iris [2011.05.03].

As mentioned in a previous post [2011.10.23], he started showing signs of blooming in November and December after taking the summer off. I did a bit of research online, and discovered the wonderful world of re-blooming iris. Clarence apparently belongs to this group. I believe that the Tidewater Gardener mentioned in the past that 're-blooming iris' usually means one more time in the fall, and means a smaller bloom production. This was certainly true here with Clarence.

Recent frosts have not affected the buds, maybe because the plant is located in a bed on the south side of the house, but a very heavy frost does affect any flowers in full bloom. What a surprise, especially when everything else in the side slope garden is dead and gone for the season.