25 June 2012

June 2012 Flowers In The House

You can stop in for breakfast on the deck
to catch the morning sun with our hydrangeas.
They are a few days old from the al fresco dinner
this past weekend, but with a little hydrangea
left in them.
Finish a lazy coffee - come inside and leave the dishes on the dining table next to the vase in the precarious corner position to get good light for the photo. It's got some extra items found around the yard this weekend - coconut lime and purple coneflowers, crazy daisies, and lavender.

Visit other gardeners Flowers In The House at Jane's Small But Charming and maybe show off what you have.


flwrjane said...
I love this and i love getting a glimpse inside/outside your house.

Great crazy daisies and artwork, beautiful deck, I'll be over momentito!

x jane
Jen said...
Very pretty!
LPC said...
Your pictures transport me to the East Coast. Thank you!
Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
Love bringing in flowers to enjoy. Great blooms!
Comeca Jones said...
Swimray said...
Jane, Jen, Janet, Comeca, thanks!!! LPC, I hope the East Coast is a good thing for you.
Patrick's Garden said...
Nice blooms. Been burned by new coneflower duds. Glad to see really great flowers on Coconut Lime is a winner. Bookmarking...
Swimray said...
Yes, the Coconut Lime is a winner, now in its third year and getting better each year. I can't say that about the other introduced coneflower plant, Sunset from the Big Sky series.