31 March 2013

Spring Fell From The Sky

You know it's springtime when there is snow on the daffodils. Welcome to the new normal. On Monday March 25, we received the biggest snowfall (or slushfall) of the winter. Alexandria woke up to one and a half inches (4 cm) of wet snow and slushy walks. Added to the previous snowfalls, we received a total of 3-1/2 inches (9 cm) of winter for 2012-13.

Hyacinths were stopped in their tracks, turning purple with cold, shivering under their new white blanket. The white forsythia was almost finished with its song, but was startled. The indoors amaryllis, planted to flower at Christmas, thinks it missed the snow by waiting so long to bloom. Ha! Think again, as it peers out the window at the frosty white covered deck chair.

The groundhog was wrong.


Janet QueenofSeaford said...
Ray, you have had an interesting winter. A bit of snow on the ground will melt into the soil, gently watering the plants. We have had some gentle rains...much better than the gullywashers!!
pq said...
There are pink forsythia? Why was I not informed??
Swimray said...
Melt into the ground? Before last night's rain, there was a fire hazard warning here.

Ha ha. They are supposed to be white, but one non-conformist did not get that message.
(Abeliophyllum distichum)
Cindy said...
"You know it's springtime when there is snow on the daffodils."

The emergence of daffs is really an indication of spring time..