08 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions

There are ten New Years Resolutions for the garden and the garden blog. It is winter, after all, and there is little garden to blog about. Now that the holidays are behind and the garden catalogs hint of fascinating and exciting things to come, visiting other blogs and comparing plans for the growing season are anticipated.
  1. Post thoughts and gardening results on the blog more than once a month, even if no one reads them.

  2. Start working on getting the poinsettia to bloom earlier in the fall, to be sure it blooms in time for Christmas, instead of later at New Year's.

  3. Same goes for the amaryllis.

  4. Keep working in the garden into August, instead of losing ambition, telling myself I need to sit back and enjoy it, while slowly watching it wane.

  5. Create a map of where things are planted instead of planting items on top of others that have not come up yet, or slicing into dormant bulbs with planting trowels when planting annuals.

  6. Clean my garden tools after using them instead of thinking they will be used again soon, or thinking cleanliness doesn't matter, or thinking they will clean themselves.

  7. Keep trying to grow those uncooperative and challenging flora that have never succeeded in my garden but do in others, instead of giving up and moving on to something new.

  8. Finish development of the Garden Inventory page of my blog.

  9. Develop New Year's resolutions at New Year's Day, instead of a week later.

  10. Don't develop ten resolutions if ten resolutions are not needed or can't be kept.