09 April 2014

Hyacinths Sliced And Diced

The hyacinths (Hyacinth orientalis) are in bloom, even ones that were hacked to pieces last year. I was digging in the dirt to make room for some pepper plants in the front cottage garden. A few good-looking vegetables are now planted in this garden, and last year bell pepper plants were being set down. The trowel blasted into a few white hyacinth bulbs below the surface that forgot to tell me where they were hiding.

The pieces were cleaned off and planted with hope they would multiply like a starfish, each piece growing anew. It worked! This year, all pieces grew, and they all had blooms, more or less. These are not Fine Gardening Magazine materials, but blooms nonetheless. White blooms came up from the remnants, although some only have three or four flowers in the cluster.

My other mistake was to plant some of the chunks on top of previously established tulips as well as previous planted blue Sky Jacket hyacinths. Anyone read the book, "Now Where Did I Plant Those?"

In past years, hyacinths forced inside were later planted outdoors. The following spring will
bring small blooms, but great blooms the year after. (Being toxic, they make a lovely addition to my poison garden.) So, the blue Sky Jacket hyacinths finished their blooms, and were planted in the front cottage garden. (Note, when forced indoors, the color is a lighter blue.) A month later, when hyacinth leaves had died down, it was pepper planting time.

Does my spring bulb arrangement announce, "Drunken gardener lives here?"

For The Record:
  • Rich well-drained soil
  • Full sun
  • No fertilizer
  • No serious pests/disease

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: hyacinth, magnolia, rhododendron mucronulatum,
    Ice follies daffodils


Les said...
At work we plant 1000's of hyacinth each fall in the annual beds. I am ashamed to say most of them are pulled out after blooming and tossed on the compost pile.
Swimray said...
And you have a blooming compost pile the next year:-) I often wondered what happens to the plants that are ripped out of beds. I saw a large bed of red cannas around a monument here in Washington being torn out one fall, and planted with spring bulbs. I wanted to pick out just a few.
Linda said...
Beautiful, and lovely bird sounds.
Swimray said...
Thanks Linda. I keep meaning to change up the birds calls, but never do.