19 March 2015

Winter Walk Off

With a few minutes until the deadline for a winter walk off post, it seems I am almost late for everything these days. For yet another year, I chose to walk around Old Town Alexandria where I work. There is so much detail and little things to see. I start by heading to the water. The Potomac River was the lifeblood of our early historic seaport town.

This anchor is placed prominently at the intersection of two paths. There is no information displayed.

The McIlhenny Seaport Center. I don't know much about this place in such a prominent location along the river. Having looked through the window a time or few, there are boats being built inside.

This boathouse stores the shells from the high school crew teams. They are getting ready to go out for their practice. Across the river is Washington DC and the Naval Research Lab.

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard

Now selling priced from the upper $1 million. This used to be a national association headquarters, until being gutted and remodeled for condos with river views and planes roaring overhead on their approach (or takeoff) to the airport.

Wreaths are popular on doors of the homes. This year, apples on this house . . .

. . . and white twigs on another. I think this house had a wreath of lemons during last year's walk-off.

Tress have problems in Alexandria. Looks like this poor soul had bad shoes removed from his feet a while back.

I expect this tree to start talking and throwing apples at me (...Wizard of Oz.)

And this is a native tree that grows transformers after you top
it off.


The elephant not in the room. The window of an antique shop.

I have always liked this alley. A dark passage off a main walk intrigues as the light in the courtyard at the interior of the block pulls you in.

I don't know. It just made me laugh. A chia head and glove on a garden gate.

Carlyle House was ready for the British. The Prince of Wales is in town as a tourist, but I don't know if he stopped here. John Carlyle was a founder of Alexandria. General Braddock and company met here to plot strategies during the French and Indian Wars.

And finally, this is the Wise's Tavern Building. George Washington gave his first public speech as president here on the way to New York to assume office after being elected. It is also home to my office. (The interior is not historic in the least.)

Finished before the deadline ... Hawaiian or pacific time.

Hope you enjoyed your walk around. Visit other winter walk-offs at A Tidewater Gardener.