28 December 2015

October At Powell Gardens

The annual convention I have been attending took me to Kansas City, Missouri this past October. A sunny afternoon drive lead me to Powell Gardens just outside the city - (well, a long ways outside the city.) This land has a history that goes back a century, but its life as a botanical garden began fairly recently in 1988. Photos follow.

The main building was in a compelling prairie style, right off Frank Lloyd Wright's drafting board it seemed. Informal details, lighting, and materials were very familiar. Low slung roofs with wide overhangs, natural stone, skylights, and clean flush details where materials met were employed.

Container plantings were full at the end of summer.

Coleus were also full and the size of shrubs.

It was time for Colchicum.

I am not a big fan of succulents, but this pumpkin-colored guy was something I could live with.

A prairie style chapel sits at the edge of a meadow overlooking the lake.

The stone podium continues past the glass back wall toward the lake.

The wall detail where the glass slides into the stone and wood without a frame.

I missed the colorful Jatropha podagrica blooming but not by much.

Powell Gardens had several extensive water gardens, but wading out into the water to read the plant tags was not encouraged.

The lake is a central element with themed gardens arranged around it, and on islands in it.


Les said...
I think that even I would attend a service at that church.
Swimray said...
I would guess the same Frank Lloyd Wright disciple designed both the chapel and the visitor's center, although the chapel I learned was a more recent addition.
Casa Mariposa said...
What a cool place! Those are definitely the biggest coleus I've ever seen!
Swimray said...
Just wait until next summer -- I am going to have coleus that big, too!
Janice Clark said...
Dreaming of gardening on this dreary winter day. Nice post. That orange succulent is indeed nifty.
Swimray said...
I can't believe it's been 2 months since I posted something. I need to get back into the groove and wake up to the warming weather.
sweetbay said...
I really like the look of the chapel. The water lilies are beautiful too!