30 September 2017

More Day 2

Well well, another month goes by and I am still getting around to posting the Garden Bloggers Fling photos. These are some photos that struck me as I walked through the private home gardens of Peg and Ellen.

Peg's Garden, Vienna

I loved the way a basement level patio was made part of the yard, one level up without a large retaining wall staring you in the face. This is done gradually and with planters -- all softening the rise to the backyard level.

The edge walkway bleeds into the ferns that act as a border plant. Nice edge to the lawn area.

Lots of large containers even though there were many places to plant in the ground.

Good use of color.

Her butterfly garden in the only really sunny spot.

Ellen's Garden, Great Falls
Is this a stargate? Saw lots of painted dried allium.

Fish swimming in a sea of liriope.

Real fish protected from predators by the net.

In case of zombies.

Incredible hydrangeas at the pool house.