10 May 2008

Dependable Geranium

Not much is going on in the display gardens at this time of season. One exception is the calendula that overwintered. Its seeds that fall in the autumn are still just seedlings. Another exception is the perennial geranium (geranium sanguineum).

This donation plant from a fellow gardner years ago is a dependable, low-maintenance performer. It is trimmed and trained into a small low growing mound of lacy green foliage needing little care or water. The plant's small flowers are not numerous or showy, but provide a subtle front border. The flowers taper off during the summer and fall. It does require periodic trimming (usually done in the fall), to prevent spreading.

For The Record:
  • Growing in heavy soil, mostly full sun, some shade
  • No fertilizer applied
  • Need annual trimming to prevent excessive spreading

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: geranium, calendula, rhododendron
  • Annuals, tender summer bulbs planted
  • Vegetables transplanted into the garden