01 May 2008

Are You Blue

Happiness is a plant meeting or exceeding expectations. When the 'Discovery' Dutch Iris (Iris hollandica) bulbs arrived last fall, there were too many to plant in one location, so they were planted in three groups throughout the property. The sunny location is now in full bloom, and I realize that they could have been planted a bit closer together into 2 groups. They are as blue as the photo suggests, and are striking in their height and intense color- a little over 2 feet (60 cm). Here's hoping that the catalog description is correct in that they easily multiply. The shadier locations where these were planted are just now beginning to bloom.

For The Record:
  • Growing in moderate drained soil, mostly full sun, some shade
  • Bone meal fertilizer applied in the fall
  • Great form and color - gets ooo's & aah's

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: Dutch & bearded iris, allium, columbine, perennial geranium
  • Canna planted