30 April 2009

April Snowflakes

One of the few ornamental plants that were growing around the house when it was purchased many years ago were these spring flowering Snowflakes (Leucojum). According to the linked web site, these are native to southern Europe, and are poisonous. Their name comes from the Greek word for 'white violet.' These are reliable, and are often confused with snowdrops which are shorter and bloom much earlier. The plants this year are blooming quite late. I believe they were planted in late November, so they are paying me back.

For The Record:
  • Well drained soil
  • Full sun
  • Bone meal fertilizer applied in the fall

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: Dogwood, bridal wreath spirea, azaleas
  • Seed started: castor plant


Anonymous said...
Hi! I noticed you had visited my site (in my stats) and came to see yours. You're in Alexandria, too! Where do you live? I live in the Runnymeade townhouse subdivision off of South Van Dorn, not far from Franconia/Kingstowne.

Your garden looks beautiful!

Thanks for the nod on your blogroll to my site as well!

Swimray said...
Thanks for the visit and comment. I am rooted near the Huntington Metro station; A small house with a disproportionate big yard for lots o' gardening.
徵信社 said...
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