01 April 2009

Cornell Pink in Rehab

One of the first plants purchased from mail order years ago was the Korean Rhododendron (Rhododendron mucronulatum). There were two colors available, and 'Cornell Pink' was selected over the lavender version, which is not easily found now.

The early flowers on this deciduous rhododendron can be ruined by very cold temperatures, just as the magnolia. Flowers slightly larger than 1-inch across (3 cm) occur in clusters that start forming at the ends of the branches in the fall. The leaves come out after the blossoms fade, and drop in autumn after turning a luminous yellow.

This shrub is 20 years old, and a bit forlorn after years of sitting in the corner of the garden that is not well attended. It will be replanted this year when the backyard garden goes into rehab. A new deck was installed and new lawn planted last fall, and new plants are currently winging their way here from several online spring mail orders.

For The Record:
  • Medium heavy soil
  • Mostly shade
  • No fertilizer, surface mulched once a year

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: Star magnolia, emperor tulips, ice follies daffodils, korean rhododendron
  • Seeds planted: Angels Trumpet Ballerina, purple basil
  • Seeds planted outdoors: Spinach, radish, poppy

Seedling Progress Record:
pepperbroccolired onion