15 April 2009

First Bloom Day, April 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day
What's blooming in the garden on the 15th of each month
This is my first garden blog bloom day submission. I only recently learned what it was all about.
Red Peony Tulips
A free gift that came
with my fall order
Orange Midseason Tulips
Don't remember their name
Poet Daffodils
Need dividing
Still going strong after a week
Fifer Daffodils
Found growing around the
house 25 years ago
Lemon Chiffon Daffodils
Creamy yellow cups turn to light peach


Entangled said...
Lovely daffodils! Do your tulips last more than one year? Mine hardly ever survive longer than that.

I think you solved a mystery for me. One of my longtime favorite daffodils came from a mixed bag at Costco and I never knew the name. It looks a lot like Lemon Chiffon. Thanks!
Swimray said...
Yes, most of my tulips come back year after year. Some tulips species are better at it than others. And some bulbs of some tulips will take 2 years to bloom again. I make sure the seed pods are cut off immediately after they bloom, and fertilize with bone meal so that they will make big bulbs for the next year, instead of big seed pods.