15 October 2012

October 2012 Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day
What's blooming in the garden on the 15th of the month

Gosh, everything seems to be red, yellow, orange this time of year (or brown.) And gosh, I haven't participated in a Gardnen Bloggers Bloom Day since April. So, here are a few noteworthy stragglers hanging on as fall is teetering on the first frost.

Note the sunflower beginning to bloom. There is a story here that I will tell in a future post. You can find other garden bloggers' bloom days at the blog May Dreams Gardens.

AcidantheraZinnia elegans 'Canary Bird'

Castor Plant (Ricinus communis) Zinnia elegans 'Canary Bird'

Zinnia augustifolia

Zinnia agustifolia with dwarf sunflower

Salvia elegans 'Pineapple Sage'


Northern Shade said...
Your Zinnia augustifolia looks great blooming in gold and orange, especially spilling over the edges of the walkway to soften the brick.
Swimray said...
There is another area where they truly do spill onto the sidewalk - and the mailman has to walk through them. And to think - these reseed themselves every year.
Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
Nice collection of blooms for October!! I love Peacock orchid, great presence in the fall garden.
Les said...
I am having the same color combo here, minus the brown, but that will be coming later.
Swimray said...
I save and plant them every year. Blooms never look as full and thick as the catalogs.

Half of the kalmia behind the mini zinnias turned brown this year - I should have cut it out before the photo.
scottweberpdx said...
Beautiful post...I think you've convinced me that I need to plant some Zinnia augustifolia next year!
Swimray said...
You won't be sorry, but they do take a bit of time to get going (and they love dry hot weather.)