03 October 2012

On Deck

Come on up the stairs for dinner on the deck. That's my second year of container gardening in the corner. I started one last year after seeing all the great containers that bloggers were posting on their blogs. This year's looks better, and I even added a second container full of sweet potato vines.

That's 'Red Star Cordyline' (Dracena) in the center. I brought it indoors last winter, kept it alive, and used it to center the container again this year. Simple cream petunias and red Calibrachoa work with the color scheme, with the calibrachoa spilling over the edges. In the summer, these needed watering every other day.

Just drop in and have a seat. Every chair rocks a little. Go ahead and put your legs up while I fix a snack on the grille.
Haven't seen you in a while, and never saw you decked
out in brown before - very appropriate for this time of year.
And, pardon me, but my have you grown, (especially
around the bottom.)


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
That is a big praying mantis!! If you have a hummingbird feeder out, watch out! These big mantis will perch on the feeders and attack the hummers. I have pulled mantis off my feeders twice now.
Love the red container!! Nice plant selection in it as well.
Northern Shade said...
I like making the mini-gardens in containers, because its so easy to try differnt combinaitons each year. lus, it goved yor preying mantis something to view while lounging on your deck.

I never thought of one taking on a hummingbird before.
Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
Just read another blog about mantis...this one had a video of a praying mantis capturing a hummingbird. Seriously.
Swimray said...
I saw feathers fly. I can only imagine the mantis is half blind or hears the humming wings that sound like a big tasty bug.
Les said...
Perhaps your visitor is with child(s).