31 December 2012

December 2012 Flowers In The House

Indoor flowers on the last Monday of the month

There are no indoor bloomers in the December house. I will join in the holiday spirit with some indoor plant material.

My Nandina berries played a big part in transforming the basic greens into something seasonal. Boughs and berries were stuffed into the Red Star Beverage box. Berries and cones adorn the usual door wreath with a few red baubles. And simple berries contrast in the mostly white bathroom - (those are not black tiles - green and blue.) That's holly and ivy above the windows with the small but charming tree.

Add your indoor holiday flora to other garden bloggers' Flowers In The House at Jane's blog Small But Charming.


flwrjane said...
I love it all. Might need that box... and that is one perfectly shaped tree.

Um I was going to do it without a quick trip to the shop but it was soooo cold out yesterday and the remaining garden flowers looked frozen so in I went.

But I am after all the hostess:-)

Happy New Year.

xo Jane

An Urban Cottage said...
I covet that box. It's the perfect "vessel" for a holiday arrangement!
Bare Mtn Farm said...
A lovely display of nature in your home. Happy New Year.
Northern Shade said...
I like the natural look of your green boughs and red berries, a lovely way to bring some nature indoors at this time of year.
Janet QueenofSeaford said...
Lovely arrangements Ray. My winterberries didn't berry this year, sadly, so no branches for decorating. Oh well.
Swimray said...
Thanks to you all for visiting during the holidays. Sometimes simple holiday trimmings are best. You can't have the box.
Swimray said...
That's White-Out brushed on the pine cones.
Casa Mariposa said...
Hi, I just discovered your blog. I also garden and blog in northern VA. :o)