27 December 2012

Beavers Go Sustainable

Huntley Meadows Park replaced the boardwalk with a 'Trex'walk a while back. The pressure-treated boards on the walking surface were not holding up, so synthetic boards were installed to take their place. The beavers thought this was an upgrade to their neighborhood, and took advantage of the high tech materials by incorporating the boardwalk into their new lodge.

The beavers smartly used local traditional materials such as renewable mud and sustainable natural wood, resulting in construction that achieved a 'silver' LEED rating.

Other photos of the scenes at Huntley Meadows show that even in late November, color is still found: in the berries, the late autumn leaves, and the dead swamp grasses.


Les said...
Never underestimate the determination and resourcefulness of beavers.
Northern Shade said...
I love the way they are adapting with the times. The new upgrade even has a sundeck and elevated front porch for sunning.
Swimray said...
They are using county resources!

Who needs a sundeck if you only come out to build at night? I guess they are moonlighting.