02 December 2012

On The Road From Asheville

You probably notice I am still writing about my September trip to North Carolina here in December. I am trying to stretch out the posts to cover the winter months. In my rental car from Ashville back to Greensboro for the start of my convention, I stopped off in a small botanical garden in Kernersville. A speaker at one of my Master Gardener classes recommended the place after I told her of my garden trips around my convention trips.

On a sunny day I pulled into the Paul J Ciener Botanical Garden parking lot. There was a large planting along the edge of the parking lot and a new building on the other end. I learned after talking with the attendant in the building that the planting was the botanical garden. There is a master plan and nice map of the five acres planned for development, but at this time, the parking lot garden was it.

The site had been a car dealership. The owner of the business left it with some money to start a botanical garden, so the entire place is relatively new. I thought this was a fitting use for the land after its run as a paved lot selling cars.

These are a few of the items that captured my attention, as alien life form never seen before. Excuse my photography in harsh direct sunlight.

Around the building was a walk with annuals and vegetables, and along the path was this pepper plant never seen or heard of before. Yes, one plant had purple, red, yellow, orange, and cream color peppers growing on it like multi-colored candies. I must know what this was.

Colocasia in extra large - not elephant ears, but I would say dinosaur ears is a more appropriate term.

Bananas in variegated leaves are new to me, or were these diseased?

And finally, what in the world is this egg growing out from each cluster of orange star flowers?


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
What a nice way to combine business and pleasure. The multi colored plant is an ornamental pepper of some sort. I have had a few in past years.
Nice reuse of land from auto dealership to garden, love it!!
Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
Here are a couple links to some peppers that have the multiple colored peppers.

Les said...
The banana is not diseased, and looks like a variety called Siam Ruby. It is tropical and would have to be dug up for the winter anywhere north of Florida.
Swimray said...
Thanks for the research. From photos, the pepper look like Garda Tricolor. I need to send a message to the garden and ask.

I suspected so - I couldn't imagine the garden leaving diseased plants on display. (Hopefully you don't at your new job, either.)
Patrick said...
Always been a fan of ornamental peppers. My fav is Calypso with variegated leaves. Red fruit shines like fire flashes.
Northern Shade said...
Those Colocasia leaves are gigantic. I've only grown these in containers outside, and in a short season mine never get very large. They get cut down by frost while still babies. If I was more industrious, and saved them inside over the winter, I could have a much more tropical looking garden.

I've seen the variegated banana leaves in outdoor pots before. It seems that growers have been working more and more on various variegated foliage plants, as they are always so popular for colour.
sensiblegardening said...
I've never seen the tri-colored pepper growing naturally but we get them as potted plants from nurseries for indoors.