19 June 2013

My Lily Has No Name

Plant swaps are wonderful for picking up fill for the garden and the soul. And, since our neighborhood plant swaps are brunches, they are for filling the belly, too. But at these, I don't expect any latin names, let alone cultivars.

This Asiatic lily (Lilium) was picked up from Mary, who is a regular at our swaps. How does her garden grow? It is very well, although Mary knows none of the names of her plants, nor where she got most of them. For me, her plants are jinxed. I kill every plant I get from her (except the Nandina.) After always getting another victim the following year, her second donations survive. And so it was with the lily.

After the first murder, the next batch of only two plants lived. Mary does not like to give out lots of plants to killers, and I understand. The replacement lilies ended their first year as pathetic specimens. Last year, Mary's lilies were much improved after being moved to a sunny spot with better soil. This year, the now fab five sport more buds on each stem, and I believe I even see some side shoots from new bulbettes forming underground.

After searching through a hundred photos for their name, I have yet to find a match. It resembles 'Brushstroke' in coloring, but a 'Graffiti' series in markings. These have strong stems and require no staking, although growing 3-feet tall (1 m.) They have pale yellow blooms with green streaks in their throats.

They are now part of the side yard melange garden bordering the platform steps down the slope, and liking it. Everyone deserves a second chance. Are you reading this Mary?

I threw in my first wildlife photo; taken in a neighbor's yard. Baby birds are too photogenic, and besides, there is a plant in the shot.

For The Record:
  • Well-drained soil, slightly improved clay
  • Full sun
  • Small amount of slow release fertilizer in autumn
  • No serious pests/disease
  • No fragrance

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: nicotiana, cleome, cosmos, lily, daylilies, rose,
    astilbe, hosta, rudbeckia, echinacea


pq said...
I love that lily! if you ever find the name, please share. I'm not normally a big lily nut, but that one I'd like to have.

Also, yay baby bird!
Swimray said...
Yes, asiatic lilies can be really gaudy. I like this more subdued one too.
Janet QueenofSeaford said...
I love all sorts of lilies and to have some from a friend is extra nice. Yours is a lovely one...freckled face.