15 July 2015

July Bloom Day

It has been a month since the last post. No excuses are offered but another rush out the door after work today to snap a few photos hopefully makes up.

Echinacea is very thick and the goldfinches are probably drooling waiting for the seeds to be ready.

One flower finally opened on this particular zinnia, 'Oriole'. I was expecting more of an orange hue.

Pollinator-magnet liatris is nearing the end of its bloom. Funny, as it blooms from top down each stem.

Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes' reseeded after blooming early this year. This result grew up and bloomed already - without green eyes.

This Rudbeckia hirti plant developed some brown markings.

It's not a ditch lily, but a double-ditch lily. And, it grows in semi-shade and is thriving.

My newest daylily 'Cherokee Star' seems to bloom one blossom at a time. Its location does not allow a good angle for photos.

Monarda 'Violet Queen' looks a little sparse. It probably needs more sun than it gets now.

Echinops is in varying stages of bloom. Bumblebees love it.

I love this marigold 'Tiger Eyes', and it reseeded itself true to form. Dark green, thick, lush foliage and no problems.

Cleome seeds found their way 60-feet (18 m) down the hill into a shady spot all by themselves, and grew. I let them. Anything that makes that journey deserves to live.

For the first time, a few little sky blue Platycodons germinated from last year's seeds. I guess some like the extra shot of winter.

Only five cosmos plants came up this year after the severe winter - the least number ever - but they still look full. Zucchini makes a nearby foliage plant in my front yard.

For other garden bloggers' bloom day photos, check out our host at blog May Dreams Gardens.


Jean Campbell said...
Zuchinni and Cosmos make a great pairing.
Swimray said...
Jean, it just worked out. I wanted something low next to the taller cosmos, and am experimenting with more veggies in the front cottage garden.
Pam's English Garden said...
I love the color of your zinnea. Mine are not doing well at all this year -- too much rain. P. x
johnsviccellio said...
That 'Cherokee Star" is a knockout. Really striking.
Swimray said...
I have other zinnias too. They tend to get mildew at the end of summer here in our humidity.

If I can only get several to bloom in unison.
Donna@GWGT said...
You have lots of color in your garden. I usually have cleome and this is the first year without it. I know what you mean rushing out the door to snap photos. I always seem to photograph my garden that way, without really aiming for a keeper shot.
Anonymous said...
Those are great patches of Purple Coneflower and Liatris. I don't have either. We used to have lots of Purple Coneflower but I had to pull them out because of aster yellows.
Jason said...
Guess I forgot to ID myself for that last comment.
Swimray said...
Color is the middle name. Unfortunately, I am not adept at organizing and coordinating them.

I really need to divide those coneflowers, but I get lazy in the fall after a summer of gardening and an autumn of bulb planting.
Indie said...
Some gorgeous flowers! I love how you used a zucchini plant for foliage! The goldfinches often don't even wait until my coneflowers are done blooming to raid them for seeds. I keep finding odd-looking, savaged flowers with only half of their petals in my garden!
Swimray said...
Thanks so much. I am trying more vegetables that might look good mixed in with the flowers.