15 June 2015

June 2015 Bloom Day

Lots of things are popping out of the gardens - 'Never Looked So Good' should be the theme applied to many garden inhabitants this month. Onion and green beans comprise the bounty to date, and go well together in a three bean salad. Fresh basil and oregano work wonders on a grilled pizza. More hot weather is on the way, though.

The datura is off to a great start and has never looked so large this early. This is the second time I have grown this moonflower, and hope it does better than the first which was in a more shady spot.

'Night of Passion' is what I think this daylily is called, after viewing 100,000 photos online.

The hydrangea has never looked so good. Although I wrote about my Annabelle hydreangea, a fellow master gardener believes this one is not Annabelle because the blooms are too enormous and perfect. 'Incrediball' is probably the correct name. Ignore my sorry attempt at staking.

Even the hostas are getting in on the bloom fun.

Another bloomer that has never looked so good this year. After years of care, 'Miss Lingard' phlox is now an established perennial that needs no attention. How did I end up with so many whites? They do look cool in this hot summer weather.

Lychnis coronaria has so many names I am reluctant to call it anything but its formal name. When they are planted together, they look like a fun bunch. But pulling out their thousands of seedlings (as bad as cleome) is not fun.

Tradescantia was moved last fall to a shadier location, and it loves its new digs. Never blooming into the hot weather except for this year, it is yet another one that has never looked so good.

Finally, the first photo of phase 1 of my hell strip beautification attempt. It is surprising how many neighbors see this, but don't notice the larger cottage garden in the front yard. Thanks to Scott at Rhone Street Gardens blog for the inspiration to do this.

For other garden bloggers' bloom day photos, spring over to the blog May Dreams Gardens.

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: rudbeckia, phlox, poppy, geranium, datura, tradescantia, echinacea, phlox, lychnis, hydrangea, hosta,
  • Harvested: green beans (bush) 1 onion


Jean Campbell said...
The link from May Dreams did not work for me. I came from my own blog's bloglist because I saw the Datura in the link. I have one Datura in bud. I planted some seeds under the Brugs in hopes they'd make a second layer of trumpets.

I think I need to order off for Miss Lingard to add to my whites.
Les said...
The Lychnis will forever remind me of an old neighbor who was well into her 90's. She was backing out of gardening and shared with me so many plants, including that one. Unfortunately it did not make the move when we did. Happy GBBD.
Swimray said...
Miss Lingard was slow to take off, but is now flying high (and probably needs dividing.)

If you want any seeds, drop me a note and I will send them (lots of them.)
DC Tropics said...
I love the daturas and wish I had more space for them! They will tolerate a bit of shade but do best in full sun. And they can grow HUGE! There is a species I see all around DC that seems to be perennial--I'm still not entirely sure if it's D. wrightii or D. meteloides but I always love seeing its flowers in the summer!
Swimray said...
After looking into the two, I think D. metaloides is the old name for D. Interesting information on the plant.
janiceflorida said...
Your gardens are superb. I too grow the ditch lily, and perhaps, the double-ditch lily also. I had thought my double-ditches were 'Kwanso'. Now , I have to research that further.