18 December 2015

Christmas Wreaths of Old Town

The row houses in Old Town Alexandria do not have much front area to decorate. As a result, attention is paid to what decorations there are. They can be quite unique with beautiful details, since they are viewed by pedestrians up close from the brick sidewalks. These are some of my favorite creative door wreaths found this year. Four of them, I have heard, are from a former White House floral decorator. Leave a comment at the end and guess which ones.

Mmmm. Delicious. Red delicious. Fruit are a popular material.

Red, green, gold and white make a nice contrast on a dark colored door.

New meaning to the term "box"wood. Square wreaths are more and more popular each year.

And even fruit is boxed. Love the red against the navy blue. What are those leaves?

Who thought sweet potatoes and nandina were companions.

Staying with the root crops theme, red potatoes, nandina, pachysandra, and who knows what else all tied together with purple ribbon.

Berry Christmas. Using nothing but all kinds of berries for the wreath instead of just for accents.

Not enough holly forces some into using brussels sprouts.

Magnolia leaves with the brown undersides combined alongside the more popular green top sides.

How does the song go ... "Marshmallows roasting on an open fire..." A very sweet design for a black door. I did a triple take when I saw this one, needing to verify that these were real marshmallows.

Show us your favorite wreath creativity.


Linda said...
My guesses include the two with apples, the one with magnolia leaves and the one with marshmallows.
Lori said...
Based on this year's White House decorations, I'd say

#1 Mmmm Delicious is definitely one of them.
#7 Berry Christmas is most likely one of them.

My other two guesses:
#3 Boxwood
#9 Magnolia leaves

When will we find out?
Swimray said...
The potato, brussels sprouts, and marshmallow wreaths were done by the floral designer.
Les said...
Finally someone has come up with a good use for Red Delicious apples. I think I like the wreath with sweet potatoes best.