25 November 2015

Colorado Wildflowers In August

An early August trip to Colorado featured biking, kayaking, a drive through a mountaintop snow squall, and some hiking. In a day hike along the mountain full of trails, the camera caught the blooming meadows that come alive at that time of year. This is the vegetation that I found along the trail hike. Many of these are not familiar to me, so these are without many labels.

Something familiar along the trail.

And these are probably asters

I don't know why these were here.

Yes, that is snow in the distant mountains.


Les said...
I love Colorado in the summer, but I am not sure I would feel the same way in winter.
Swimray said...
Yup. Lots of outdoor summer things to do, but not much rain for lush gardens.
Sue Garrett said...
The ox-eyed daisy (one of many names it is given) grows wild here in the UK too but we have some planted on our plot. It flowers for an incredibly long period and is a very long lasting cut flower.