04 April 2020

Sweet Love

The landscape architects gifted me a few of their extra daffodil bulbs last fall. They were labeled Sweet Love and Bridal Crown on the hand written sticky notes, but I did not keep track of which was which. Fast forward to today when the mid-season and late season daffodils are blooming in the front garden.

I know the newcomers there, so began reading up on them to learn the true identity of each. I quickly realized that Bridal Crown was an imposter. This was not the cultivar, but another mid-season daffodil instead. I have written to ask if my friends know its true identity.

The full size single trumpet bloom starts out with a striking orange fringe at the rim of its white cup which eventually turns a shade of peach. This reminds me of Solome, a white daffodil that starts out with an orange-yellow cup that eventually fades to a pink. I planted my mystery daffodil bulbs too far apart to make any meaningful statement in the front garden, but I hope with the luck of some good spring weather and fertilizer, they will multiply for next year.

Sweet Love is a multi-stemmed delight. A soft yellow tints its small cup and creamy white petals. The blossoms are lightly fragrant, like my other multi-bloom stem narcissus. These daffodil blossoms, also like the others, are small in size with about 7 or 8 flowers on several stems. At just the right angle, they look like a soft creamy cloud hovering just above the ground.


  1. Your Daffodils are so lovely Ray. It's always nice when a gifted plant becomes a pleasant surprise! Enjoy them!

  2. Lovely daffodils! Thanks for commenting on my blog. You are right about the old railroad station in Markham.

    I see from your profile that you fixed up a house on Fairfax Road. Small world! I grew up less than a mile from there in Tauxemont.