30 October 2008

Seedy Beauty

During this time of year, there is not much to document as plants reach their last gasp of the season. Although deadheading spent flowers before seeds set in is a common practice, sometimes a brave gardener (or lazy gardener) may keep the seeds intact for various reasons. For example, coneflower seeds are kept around for the goldfinches, even though cutting them off can encourage more blooms.

Old canna blooms are cut off the stalks during the summer. Leaving them to produce seed pods at this time of year does not discourage new flower buds. The colder weather tends to do that.

Spent liatris stalks are kept around because I want something in that location. If the stalks were cut back, there would only be an empty hole in that part of the garden. The resulting seed stalks look interesting, and since they bloom only once during the year from a root cluster, cutting them back does not result in more blooms or branching stems.

Sometimes, seeds can be as beautiful and interesting as the flowers.

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: canna, basil, dwarf zinnia, lime nicotiana
  • Harvested: 10 peppers & 2 tomatoes before frost,


tina said...
I love the seedheads of the liatris. This is the first year I've been able to enjoy any in my garden. Not sure why:( but they disappear on me usually.
Northern Shade said...
I particularly like the seedheads of astilbe left on the plants. They look very decorative until the next spring. Hydrangea blossoms also look good as they dry on the shrub.
Leaving seeds and berries for the wildlife is a great idea too. It will more than repay you as the colourful life flits from plant to plant.
nancy said...
The canna pods are most unusual. What is there size, it is difficult to tell from the photo.
Swimray said...
The canna pods in the photo are about the size of a nickel. There are not a lot of them.