14 June 2010

2010 Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day
What's blooming in the garden on the 15th of the month.

After a bust of springtime, and a lull last month, things are a poppin' in the garden again this June! My Red Hot Poker bloomed for the first time, after planting from seed three years ago. Nice reward for three years of work. The Coconut Lime Echinacea just started, and is a new plant this year. As usual, click if you want to see them close up.

Hosta (True Blue)

Oak Leaf Hydrangea


Purple Coneflower

Common Daylily

Green Coneflower (Lime Coconut)

Red Hot Poker Kniphofia

Unknown Red Daylily

Salvia (May Night)

Asiatic Lily (Lolipop)




Unknown Peach Daylily


Katie said...
Oh, you have a lot of my favorites! I really like coneflowers and daylilies. Regardless of what anyone else things!

(Not so big on red hot poker, though. Yours looks healthy, though!)

Happy Bloom Day!
Gardening in a Sandbox said...
Lovely blooms. Love the bird sounds.
Swimray said...
Hey folks, thanks for the compliments!!!
I like the unusual, hence the red hot poker, although, I was surprised at how big it gets. Got to try for a smaller variety next year, and find a place for this monster.
You are the first person to comment on the background birds, and I am glad you appreciate them.

Happy Bloom Day.
Sylvana said...
I like that last lily. Everytime I think I am buying a creamy peach daylily I end up with something that looks NOTHING like the tag/description!

I'm trying nicotiana from seed this year. So far I have about 25 plants. They are far from blooming, but they still have plenty of time.
Swimray said...
Good luck with the nicotiana seeds. My two types (lime/green, and white) think they are perennials. They re-seed themselves every year and come back in the spring. Some of the white variety actually overwinter here in zone 7.
Northern Shade said...
Hydrangeas are great for those large panicles. It's always a bonus when Hosta send up their flowers, over their gorgeous leaves. You are fortunate to have the Nicotiana reseed themselves, or even overwinter. That saves a lot of work.
Daricia said...
Love that lime coconut echinacea. I have an azalea that has white flowers with green centers - inherited it with the house and I don't know what its name is. I really like the white/green combo, though. Congratulations re: the kniphofia.
Anonymous said...
i Love this idea. What a great way to keep track of the garden. I may/ will steal it. Thanx
Swimray said...

This was started on the blog "May Dreams Gardens" at:

On the 15th of the month, your post your Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day link to your blog, and enjoy posts from everyone else.