21 May 2011

A Change Of Heart

After moving into my house around twenty years ago, it was obvious that past owners had been gardeners. Although it was a used rental when I got my hands on it, there were several plant specimens of note around the grounds from better times of previous owner-occupants. Daffodils, azaleas, iris, roses, and holly were found hidden among the overgrown jungle.

But, each plant had some inferior quality to it. The bearded iris (iris germanica) was a small flower, with light lavender falls and bland colored upper petals. It was a shorty at only 2-feet tall (60 cm.) I did not find its likeness in any iris catalog. I ripped it out, along with many of the other substandard "heirlooms." (The red azaleas and the daffodils were kept.) But, I did not get all of the plants, and some gradually came back. I let them grow.

I appreciate my inferior no-name iris more these days. I see them as "subtle." Either my taste and attitude evolved and matured, or the irises evolved over the years. I do not remember them as this attractive.

For The Record:
  • Heavy clay soil with no organic amendments
  • Full sun
  • No fertilizer
  • No pest or diseases

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: nicotiana, bachelor buttons, alyssum, rose, hollyhock, spiderwort


Cherry Lane said...
So I'm not the only one with a change of heart about heirloom iris, eh? I think the yellow beards help yours.

The flowers on my brownish ones have lasted longer than any of the others. It's a good thing I like them this year.
Anonymous said...
I agree the yellow beards are stunning! Why would want to rip out these?