18 July 2012

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

One tomato, one pepper, one cuke. Singing the gardener's blues. With all the work in the garden thus far, that's all I got. It's enough to drive you to drinkin.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer came to mind when picking the first tomato and first pepper this morning to join the one cucumber - before the temperature climbs above 100 (38° C) again for the sixth time this summer. I was not looking for the weather to grill my vegetables while still on the vine.

It's the middle of summer and there's not much to show yet. Thankfully we don't have the drought conditions here that a good part of the country has. Rainfall in our area is way down for the year, but there have been a few quick storms that left a little in their wake.

The surprise cucumber was accidentally discovered yesterday evening. I have been watching the tomato for the past week as it tried to ripen and held my breath that a squirrel would not take a chunk out of it.

The pepper is new to me. Seeds were touted by a lady at the February seed exchange [posted 2012.02.11] as a 'Hungarian Pepper' grown every year because it was the best. The internet tells me there are oodles of peppers with this name; some hot, some not. Fast forward to last month, and a few long yellow peppers appeared on the plant. They were left to see how large they would grow, and if they would turn red or orange. This one started to turn, so I brought it in today with the tomato. My 8-inch long (20 cm) Hungarian pepper's appearance is not unlike those infernal red Thai peppers - let's hope not - I don't need peppers to go along with the weather.

PS - The pepper was not hot. It was very flavorful but there's not a lot of pepper.

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: zinnia, rudbeckia, cleome, cosmos, sunflowers, nicotiana, echinacea, platycodon, cardoon
  • Harvested: 1 pepper, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, several cherry tomatoes


Samantha at Pollinator Plates said...
Nice song! You could make a whole parody, Weird Al style...

My husband and I were in Hungary last year and ordered some pickled veggies at a restaurant as an appetizer. They came with a pepper that looked JUST like this one! And it was hot, hot, hot. I took oe bite and couldn't handle more than that; my husband was more adventurous (or just hates wasting food even more than I do) and tried several more, but he couldn't finish it either. Interesting that you've found so-called Hungarian peppers in VA- I didn't even know they were a "thing"!
miss m said...
(One type I've grown is Hungarian Wax. Does not look like this).

So how was it ?
Swimray said...
Samantha & Miss M:
The pepper was not hot - very rich flavor.
Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
Love John Lee Hooker, can see where that popped into your head. My container garden is slowing down as well. I think it is nice you got some seeds from the exchange and are giving them a try.
Les said...
I can finally comment and maybe rid my head of George Thorogood's voice.

I am on my dad's computer and am having no problems.
Swimray said...
I switched my settings so comments are in a separate window now. The problems went away. I still have them when trying to comment on other blogs that have my old settings (like Janet the Queen) and have to use Firefox for those blogs.