27 August 2012

August 2012 Flowers In The House

Came home from work today and needed to brighten up the kitchen countertop. The town where the office is was dead today, probably because everyone is away on their Labor Day vacation. I brought in a few of the Canary zinnias and mixed in a few sulphureus cosmos. Some sweet potato vine leaves add a base.

The drying herbs were brought in a few weeks ago. Looks like these coriander from the cilantro herbs are about ready to move into the spice rack, or plant in the garden for a fall harvest.


flwrjane said...
A man of his word, I love this.

And I love your use of sulfurous.

And of course I love that vase of flowers and leaves too.

xo jane
rosekraft said...
You're going to smile first thing tomorrow morning when these cheery colors greet you from the kitchen counter...
Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
Nice photo composition, love the drying herbs and the wine....perfect complements to your zinnias.
Swimray said...
Thank you. If only those cosmos last as long as the zinnias. I am finding sweet potato vines do their work when brought indoors - who knew?

Rosekraft -Yes I did this morning.

Janet- Thanks. Tonight it's time to open one of those bottles - the weather will allow dinner outside again.
bhavya said...
sun burnt sunflowers and wine :)

Can i ask for anything more? Nothing comes to my mind.