23 November 2013

Guess Where This Place Is

A few days before an annual out of town convention gave an opportunity for late summer relaxing on a quick vacation near the convention town. Of course, a trip to the local botanical garden was something that I couldn't miss, but almost did. Succulents and cactus were not high on the priority list like snorkeling, kayaking, ghost walks, and hiking.

But on the last day having checked off everything else, I headed to the botanical garden. Whoa! I was happily surprised with plants very new to me and weird - like two story high yuccas. Many reminded me of the landscape in the backgrounds of the Flintstones. Does anyone know where this place is? Go ahead and take a guess. No, it is not Bedrock.

Let's try some large photos on the blog this time.

Opuntia streptacantha. I think I had one of these growing on my window sill in college, but not as a tree.

Aeonium arboreum. This could be the star of the latest Alien movie. Is this a plant?

Could this be a sunburned aloe?

Furcraea macdougalii. These poor souls from the agave family looked scared.

Dracaena draco. This is a dragon tree - no one can figure out why it's called that. :-)

Crassula falcata. One of the only flowering specimens in the garden.

Acacia decurrens or Green Wattle. Ah, finally. A tree with leaves. Leaves?

Sunburn anyone? A 5-foot tall (1.5 m) aloe can help.

And one last cactus, only 6-feet tall (1.8 m) because I believe it fell over.


Janet QueenofSeaford said...
What great photos of a great garden. I am going out on a limb and guess that you are in Vegas. There is a botanical garden by the Ethel M chocolate candy factory....this reminds me of said garden. Where ever it is, looks like it was worth a stop!
Swimray said...
Not Las Vegas. No kayaking and snorkeling there, although a chocolate factory sounds good.
Les said...
After your response to Janet, I'll guess somewhere in the Caribbean, maybe the Virgin Islands?
Patrick said...
I'm totally stumped but really enjoyed the sunburned aloe.