19 May 2015

Three Year Wait Is Over

The 2012 plant swap peony has finally bloomed today. It was the only peony (Paeonia lactiflora), and I got it. Its owner did not remember its color or variety.

In its third year now, the thing sent out several stalks this spring, and there was hope in the air. One of the stalks had three buds, and the first opened to a deep magenta, double-ruffled flower. There is a nice fragrance. We had a violent rain downpour last night, and it survived without incident.

It was planted in the side garden bed, the newest and therefore the one with the poorest soil. I placed a wire support disc as it grew, just in case it needed one, and it grew through. Rather tall at about 40-inches high (1 meter), the bloom is normal sized. It might be tall or lanky because it gets morning and afternoon sun, but is in shade around midday. Full sun is what I believe they need.

I don't have the heart to cut and bring indoors to enjoy it.


Jean Campbell said...
I would not be able to cut it, either. I might just sit out there with for long periods of time, though.
Swimray said...
I will cut one of the blooms on a Friday, bringing it indoors for a weekend while I am at home. If it lasts past the weekend, I will take it to the office.