30 April 2012

April 2012 Flowers In The House

Indoor flowers on the last Monday of the month
I brought in a few rhododendrons from the tangle of rhodies in the rear corner of the yard - otherwise known as the last frontier. This area has yet to be tamed, while the rest of the front and back have been cultivated. "Anything grows" is the motto for this dark inaccessible jungle. I keep promising myself to explore it someday, and eventually tame the savage plants that make it their home.

We can't have rhododendrons indoors without something to tickle the olfactory senses since with rhodies you just look, not smell. Thanks to a two month head start from the mild winter, the white nicotiana now blooming add a little bit of perfume to the arrangement. (Did I just call it an arrangement? I don't arrange - just stick in a container that holds water and plants.)

Now, if I can only work on lighting for these indoor shots.
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flwrjane said...
Oh your nicotiana is blooming. Mine didn't even return.

But your "arrangement" is charming.

My entire back yard/berm was a nightmare but we have begun to reshape and replant.

Now it's almost a pleasure to go out the back door.

How beautiful was yesterday?

xo Jane
Bare Mtn Farm said...
A great deal of our homestead could be considered the last frontier, all the tangles of blackberries with treasures buried beneath. Your rhodies are gorgeous and make a wonderful arrangement on their own.
Swimray said...
Bare Mtn,
Blackberries are not so bad if the birds leave any for you to eat. Hope you find pleasant surprises beneath them all.