07 April 2012

Color Me Happy

In the past few years I have become more aware of planning and consideration of color combinations. It probably stems from those dreamy magazine landscapes that grow the same plants that I have but don't look like a patchwork quit.

I used to gaze out the window at this time of year and see a yard full of several different shades of purple, with no other color. Only height, width, and season were really considered in any planning attempt. Although not yet adept at color planning, at least now colors are considered when deciding where to place the latest acquisition.

This spring I was able to see some results of my color strategy (or at least of my thinking about color). Firey Red Emperor tulips bloomed along side blue muscari at the same time. The blue sets off the red tulips more so than if red tulips were stuck by themselves. Imagine that.

Another color consideration was given to the Salome daffodils. Notice how they start out with lemon yellow cups, and a week later turn to peachy pink. These photos are of the same blossom.

Of course, sometimes we imagine great color combinations only to find that blooms come out at different times, or that (like the daffodils) change color over time, or that there are different shades of the same color. I planted a 'red' phlox once only to find that it was more mixed with magenta: in the purple family. (oops, wrong shade of red.) It was not attractive next to the yellow zinnias. I now pay closer attention to descriptions of 'carmine red' versus 'scarlet red.'

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: California poppies, poet & salome daffodils, dogwood, viburnum, azaleas, muscari, coreopsis, ajuga


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
My favorite color as a kid was magenta...in some ways it still is.
I have Salome and am amazed at the color change...really a neat feature.
Your comment about the delivery guy and the Worm Factory... it was the UPS guy. I was walking the dogs and saw he had stopped at my house as we got back to the driveway. I asked him if he brought me something fun...and he laughed and say YES!