28 March 2010

Incredible Hulk Hands

Physical changes to the body occur at this time of year. Muscles that last saw action in October are called upon to wake up. Skin tone and muscle tone begin to change, responding to the initial demands that will once again toughen them up for use in the great outdoors. My hands change too.

After my garden-a-thon yesterday, I wonder how many gardeners get the same Hulk Hands following a season of indoor winter diversions. They seem to feel larger, more muscular, and certainly tougher one day after being in the spring garden for the first time. They even turn green during the summer after working around tomato plants. Today, those hands feel like they could pull up those oak tree saplings I struggled with yesterday. After one round of picking up holly clippings, leaf debris, and working the pruning shears, the hands and skin are tough as the best garden gloves.

I use gloves occasionally, but find them bulky, clumsy, and difficult to maintain (keep clean.) On they go, and off they go, over and over depending what task is being performed. It's easier to keep them off. Dirt always find its way inside them.

Dirt also finds its way under the fingernails. The Hulk never had a good manicure. My summer gardener's nails end up being short stubby, worn down stumps out of necessity to eliminate a place for my garden soil to hide; much like American colonists who shaved their heads to prevent head lice from hiding there.

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: ice follies & tete-a-tete daffodils, red emperor tulips, magnolia,
    cornell pink rhododendron


Kenneth Moore said...
Ha! I love hulk hands. I can't wait to get them. :)
Les said...
I rarely garden with gloves on and consider them an impediment to what I need to get done. Maybe I'might use them picking up brush.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my recent post.