23 March 2010

Tiffany Goes Green

While on the late summer visit to the Chicago Art Institute, a Tiffany lamp caught my attention. Art nouveau design often contained motifs with anamorphic features and those imitating nature. This lamp, beautiful in the colors alone, contained several references to nature and plants. The lead between the glass is more than the structural came between pieces, becoming the veins of the leaf cells on the shade. Nature is not only expressed in the lamp shade, but throughout entire lamp, from the turtleback inlaid base, to the 'snail antenna' shade supports, to the flower bud finial at the top.

Tiffany Studios produced several lamp designs with the dragonfly motif, but this one was most interesting because of its large size and its uniform green/blue colors.


J.C. said...
That's one stunning lamp. I love seeing such things come up occasionally on Antiques Roadshow.