29 September 2012

September Lilies

With a lull in the garden, there are a few individual specimens of note at this time of year that do not have much story associated with them. But, I want to record these here for future reference.

The rain lilies (Zephyranthes candida) are in their second year. First found on a visit to the Dallas Arboretum, planted and reported last year [posted 2011.09.15], they survived the winter, and multiplied somewhat. I find that they only begin blooming in late summer and fall here, and they really do come out after rain. They seem to bloom in cycles - about every two weeks for a week with some precipitation.

These are the white variety, as some can be pink or pale cream-yellow. My leaves are not as substantial and grass-like as those in Dallas, - but are almost invisible during the summer. Flowers remind me of crocus when they pop out, and close up at night.

The belamcamda lily (Iris domestica) was started indoors from seeds obtained at the February seed exchange [posted 2012.02.12]. Three plants germinated; only one survived. When transplanted outdoors, additional seeds were planted in the garden with no results. I wish there were others to keep this lonely one company.

The 24-inch high plant (60 cm) successfully produced a number of blossoms with associated seed pods. The expectation is that they will open to reveal clusters resembling blackberries (it is also know as the blackberry lily.)

The perennial plant originates in China, and was formerly known as Belamcanda chinensis, but like many other plants, DNA sequencing indicates it to belong elsewhere in the plant kingdom - in the iris family. It was renamed. Current ongoing research centers on its possible use as a treatment of prostate cancer.

For The Record:
  • No fertilizer
  • Full sun
  • No serious pests/disease

Garden Calendar:
  • Blooming: pink cosmos, canna, mexican zinnia, zinnia, cosmos, zepharanthes,
    coconut lime echinacea


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...
Love the Rain lilies. I have a lot of Blackberry lilies, didn't know that it was renamed....just when you know a botanical name, they change it! hahaa If you ever need more seeds from this one, let me know-- have lots of 'blackberries' right now.
Northern Shade said...
Your Zephyranthes are so pretty. They look like a little bit of spring in the fall garden. I'm always relieved when a new plant that I'm not usre about has made it through the winter and starts to bloom.
Shyra said...
Wow! It is really a lovely page. What a beautiful blooms indeed. So cool!

Shyra @ eCarport
Swimray said...
I will see if the plump green pods turn into blackberries with seeds. Then I can let you know if I need seeds.

They are spring-like, aren't they. Everything else in my garden now is yellow or orange.

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